Take It Seriously

I know that this is coming a little late in the day, but here it is anyway; it’s worth it.

Today is Mental Health Day.

Mental illness affects millions, both directly and indirectly, and it is definitely an issue that we must take seriously. I personally struggle with bouts of depression from time to time, and many people in my family, and amongst my friends and acquaintances are touched by this issue in one way or another. Severity varies from individual to individual, but what remains constant the fact that people are struggling and often feel misunderstood, alone or are isolated; a dialogue must be had. Far too many are misunderstood, isolated, harassed, ostracized, criticized, judged, or worse, rejected or victims of violence.

We must work – as a community – to support and encourage those who live with this reality. We must educate the public and improve services and resources for this fragile population. Most importantly, however, we must strive to promote a climate of acceptance and understanding in the global community.

I dedicate my post to anyone who is affected, in any way, shape or form, by mental illness. ❤