Oh, how I long to remember…

what no-stress, childless, take-advantage-of-the-end-of-daylight-saving-time sleep is!

We’re turning back our clocks tomorrow (Sunday) at 2am. Doesn’t the idea of having “extra time” sound exciting? I get pretty excited about it, myself. I immediately think: SLEEP!

It never fails, though. Every year, I tell myself that one extra hour of sleep will do my mind, body and soul some good, but I never seem to be able to catch the sleep I need in the first place.

Before my son was born, I was too busy going out with friends or spending my time doing “fun” things; my extra hour went into extra “fun” time or real, blissful sleep.

Now that I have responsibilities, I have to squeeze work, school, homework, housework, wifey and mommy duties into a day that is already far too short. As any parent would know, sleep becomes a rare commodity once children come into the picture.

I love my family, I love my son dearly and I very much enjoy my life, but I have to admit that I sometimes wish I could get a nice hotel room somewhere and sleep an entire weekend away! Just me, and a good book (for when I wake up -if that even happens!). How wondrous that would be!

Now that daylight saving time is ending and we’re “gaining” an extra hour, I have a feeling that I’ll be losing out this time around… again. I’m so envious, though. I hear everyone around me saying that they are going to sleep.

Really? Will they?

I keep saying that it’s what I’m going to do, too, but I never do it. Instead, I start/continue/finish whatever, or rarely, enjoy a bit of solitude. Perhaps I should stick to my guns and sleep this time. Wouldn’t that be miraculous!!

Am I really the only one who doesn’t usually sleep this precious extra time away?

What will you be doing with your extra hour?


“Where the Hell Is Matt?”

I saw this a few years ago…

It is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!

Hello world!

Wow! This is fantastic! I’ve never had a blog before, so this whole “blogger-world” is new to me. I have to say, though, that it is quite exciting to know that I now have a place where I am truly at liberty to express my personal thoughts, perceptions and opinions about the world in which we live. Since I can get passionate,  I like the idea of being able to open up to the online community to broaden my horizons.

In fact, I’ve been thinking about creating a blog for some time now. What prevented me from beginning this journey earlier is complex, but for the most part, I wondered if people would actually read my blog. I’ve resigned to the fact that I need this as a medium for expression, so if I must use it as a personal diary of sorts, so be it.

I’ve begun to navigate my “space” and, so far, I really like this! I’ve already changed my “theme”, checked out a few other things, and I think that this is pretty cool. This morning, I logged on to explore a little more, and I was faced with the “about” section. I opened it, started thinking about what to write in there and…. I froze.

I never know what to put in these “about” sections! What information about me is truly more pertinent? Does everyone really need to know, for instance, that I’m married? It seems like this is what people look for when meeting someone else. I suppose we should immediately ask “marital status, number of children, SES status, cultural and ethnic background” while making a new acquaintance. Perhaps it puts us at ease to place others on a social continuum of sorts in order to know how to better relate to them.

When I make a new acquaintance, I prefer to find out about what makes them “tick”, so to speak. If I could avoid all the social conventions, I’d go straight to the “What drives you?” question that itches to surface. It almost seems to me like I could kick each new conversation in high gear and ask all of the uncomfortable questions that people do not want to risk asking while meeting someone for the first time. Questions like: “What is your take on individualism?” and “What is your stance on gay marriage?”  make people uncomfortable.

I have this deep-seated fascination and passion for humanity in general, and also for what drives us and what makes us who we are. These types of questions are what allow me to gauge others and to be better able to relate to them; we can learn about a person relatively quickly when we  talk about social issues. Granted, not everyone is interested in social issues; this is true. I am merely making this observation in an attempt to explain how I relate to others.

I digress.

I have yet to decide what to write in my “about” section… I should get to that!

Perhaps I should add a little disclaimer before I end this first entry. This blog is intended solely as a venue for expression. Whatever I discuss here is meant to release the thoughts/ideas/perceptions/opinions that brew within. Feel free to comment and to share your own thoughts. I should mention, however, that I dislike heated debates; whatever is shared here is meant for dialogue. We should remember to keep it clean, respectful and positive.

Let the fun begin!! 😀