“The Pathology of Privilege” (Tim Wise)

Since this is a highly important discussion to have in our current context, I thought I would share this with as many people as possible.

The video I will post is accessible on Youtube (all 6 parts). I will also post two links to Tim Wise on Obama and race.

Essentially, this is a talk about racism, white privilege and social inequalities.┬áIf it doesn’t change your perspective, it will certainly teach you something! Tim Wise is awesome.



“Between Barack and a Hard Place”


A discussion about Obama and race…


“Tough Guise: Crisis in Masculinity”

OK, since I posted a video on how advertising affects women, I’d like to do the same for men. I watched this particular video in one of my Sociology classes, and I have never forgotten it; it really speaks volumes.

This one is a little longer, but it is definitely worth the time. (Approx. 50 minutes of education)

This video addresses violence, media, and the definition of “masculinity”. Again, I have posted all the related links, so you can watch this video in full without having to search for each part.