Playing for Change: War/No More Trouble

Simply stellar.

Thumbs up for unity and humanity.


“Tough Guise: Crisis in Masculinity”

OK, since I posted a video on how advertising affects women, I’d like to do the same for men. I watched this particular video in one of my Sociology classes, and I have never forgotten it; it really speaks volumes.

This one is a little longer, but it is definitely worth the time. (Approx. 50 minutes of education)

This video addresses violence, media, and the definition of “masculinity”. Again, I have posted all the related links, so you can watch this video in full without having to search for each part.


“Killing Us Softly” (Jean Kilbourne)

We all know that media affects us to some degree. Here is a video about girls and women, and the effect of media and advertising on their self-esteem, self-perceptions and lives. The delivery of this message is brilliant! It’s truly an interesting piece.

I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I have. I invite everyone -including men- to take a few minutes for this. 🙂

All four parts of the video are posted below. (Approx. 30-35 minutes)