“Why don’t friends with kids have time?”

For fun…

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The Beauty of my Community

I am, as a white woman, the minority in my community and I love it.

I am surrounded by so many people from so many different places, and I think it’s simply the most beautiful thing in the world. I feel like I am a part of something special when I walk along the streets of my community. Markets, stores, shops and restaurants display an array of cultural and ethnic diversity.

In my apartment building, we have an African family (not sure which country), an Algerian family, two Mexican families, an Indian family, a Haitian family and a Vietnamese couple. I am the only white person in the building.

My elderly Vietnamese neighbours of almost 5 years speak neither English or French, but we smile at each other, wish each other a good day and gesture our way through our small “conversations”. They give us small gifts on special occasions, and the woman sometimes cooks food for us. When their grandchildren come over, they send us little messages expressing their love and gratitude, and we take the opportunity to do the same.

Multi-racial families like mine are far from being the exception here. 95% of the student body in both schools in which I work are from various countries. In addition, not only does my son have friends from different backgrounds, he also speaks fluent Spanish thanks to his wonderful caregiver!

We are so lucky! What a glorious thing to live amongst each other in harmony.

Clearly, there is not one place in the world where inequality does not exist, and this is not to say that my community is perfect. Social issues exist here just as they do everywhere else. I am grateful, however, that my son is exposed to such diversity as it will allow him to understand (perhaps with a little help from his mama) that despite our differences, we are all the same: human beings.

My Everything

Here’s a quick post before I head off for a crazy day. I  don’t usually write poetry, but I was inspired to write this for my son on August 16th, 2010. Feel free to “like” or offer some feedback 🙂


You are my everything.
My  very reason for living, breathing and being.

The first moment I saw you, my child,
My heart throbbed instantly and smiled.
I knew an angel had been bestowed upon me,
And although the universe clearly revealed
That you’d be one whose character would try and test,
I vowed that I’d give you nothing short of my best.

With each passing day I see you grow,
And I can’t help but want to teach you all I know,
Teach you that life isn’t fair but that you must tirelessly fight
For everything in which you believe and for what is just and right.
I want to teach you to muster the courage to chase your fears away,
To never veer from the truth and from the light never to sway,
Teach you to be selfless and to stand for the human race,
To be strong and amongst the world take your place,
To have faith in humanity and for it to do all you can,
To respect others, to value women and to be a real man…
And if you ask what my biggest dream for you might be,
I’ll say in a heartbeat, for you to always be the best man you can be.

As you go about your day, soothing me with your laughter and revelling in what it means to be a child,
I daydream about the past, the present and the future with a tender smile.
And as you sleep, I’m enthralled by your presence and gaze at your beautiful moonlit face,
And in all my humility, I thank God for filling my life with so much grace.
Because you are the source of my inspiration and happiness,
My definition of unconditional love and my very essence.
And as I listen to you breathe, I pray to be the mom that I am meant to be,
Since I know that in my hands lies an immense responsibility.

So in all of my fragility, vulnerability and humanity, I’ll teach you all I know.
I promise to be there for you, support you in your endeavours and encourage you to grow,
And although my love for you is pure, I know that I might make mistakes,
I’m not perfect, I might lose my patience sometimes but I know I’ve got what it takes.
I’ll right my wrongs, I’ll strive to be strong and show you just how much I care
Because you, my little ray of eternal sunshine, are my everything… and I’ll always be there.