It’s been a while…

Wow. I just logged back on and reread a few of my posts. My first reaction was to edit and correct my texts (I didn’t), the second was to think about how far I have come since my first posts and the third was to want to get back on this bandwaggon!

I miss taking the time to write a bit about what I have on my mind or heart. I guess it’s true that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, so I updated my “about” section… Here goes!

Peace in & out, WordPress land.


Long Time No Write!

Wow! Time flies…

I can’t believe it has already been almost 2 years since my last post.

Many things have changed in my life since I last wrote on my blog… I have a billion stories to tell, but I’ll keep it short for today: 2 years ago, I was completing my final internships and courses for my B.Ed – which took up the vast majority of my time – and in September 2011, I started my first year of teaching! I taught high school kids in an empoverished area and since I always ‘have to’ perform-perform-perform, I invested all of my time and energy into my kids. I had to overcome many obstacles, but I had a phenomenal experience and I love my job (and my kids).

Anyhow, I woke up a few days ago thinking about writing again. I miss putting my thoughts out there; it’s therapeutic for me, so I’ve decided to pick it up again. Since I’m officially a teacher now, I will surely have many things to write concerning education, pedagogy and my kids, or kids in general.. (in addition to whatever else I may get excited about) 😀

I look forward to reembarking on this journey.

I’m back & I’m pumped, baby!

*breaks out the happy dance*