Procrastination & Me

I’m a dedicated student. I’m a dedicated student. I’m a dedicated student.

Maybe if I repeat it often enough I will remember to focus!


Mr. Procrastination has been haunting me quite a bit lately. I have an important midterm on Tuesday and I can’t seem to get it together. I can think of a dozen things I’d rather be doing than studying, at this very moment. In retrospect, I haven’t been too good to my brain these last few years; I’ve been kicking it into high-gear and I haven’t given it much rest. Maybe it’s rebelling.

I hear my bed calling my name. “Take a nap… you can wake up in an hour and keep studying.”

Liar! You soothe my need for sleep far too well and I can never only take “a nap” with you.”

I need more willpower to put myself back on track. I know I have to study. I’m dying to finish my degree. Sometimes – rarely – I think I’m crazy to want to do a Master’s. Gosh, this is not motivating! Maybe it’ll get better. It gets better right?

I know, I know. Once I complete my studies, I’ll look back on all of this hard work and I’ll laugh at the obscene number of nights I spent studying.

Guess who’s going to party her little heart out on graduation day!?