“Tough Guise: Crisis in Masculinity”

OK, since I posted a video on how advertising affects women, I’d like to do the same for men. I watched this particular video in one of my Sociology classes, and I have never forgotten it; it really speaks volumes.

This one is a little longer, but it is definitely worth the time. (Approx. 50 minutes of education)

This video addresses violence, media, and the definition of “masculinity”. Again, I have posted all the related links, so you can watch this video in full without having to search for each part.



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  1. Troy
    Nov 05, 2010 @ 11:35:20

    Really interesting. I watched most of this (the last few bugged out) and on some level I agree with it. But I feel that in some way, this may ignore one factor, and underemphasize another. For one, despite our level of sentience, we are still evolved creatures with built-in biological traits like predation. Alpha males and the such are a thing of nature, and we are, for better or worst, natural creatures. In accepting that fact, it seems natural to me, that males in general should exhibit more aggression, even toward other human males; it’s the very heart of biological competition.

    On the other hand, this guy’s right: movie, and video games alike, aren’t really the issue. It’s how society portrays masculinity. Though I would agree some of the more common images of maleness are ok, I would maintain that it is our intelligence which should allow us to control our more primal instincts. The harmony of mind and matter in our society will yield the greatest result.


  2. The Shameless Idealist
    Nov 05, 2010 @ 20:43:51

    What interests me most about this video is the discussion about which values are promoted by our society and just how much these affect our global reality. I agree that we – males and females – are biologically different in many ways, but promoting violence on the premise that males are more biologically aggressive than females, for instance, is morally questionable. Furthermore, what is equally interesting is how we are individually affected by our society and how we’re conditioned to be and act in a certain way, whether we like it or not.
    All in all, I perceive this to be a highly interesting topic. Thanks to this video, I am much more aware of the environment in which my son is being raised, how I am socializing him, and the fact that I must have a greater awareness of this problematic issue – in general – in order for me to teach him how to be a “good” man, and for him to (hopefully) understand what masculinity truly means…
    What if my son is gay, for instance, what does masculinity mean then? Would that make him less of a man?
    We’re conditioned to believe certain things and act certain ways. This is why different societies have different value and belief systems. I definitely don’t want my son to turn out to be a violent, homophobic jerk (pardon the expression), since that’s basically the trend here, and what is expected of “a real man” in our current context.


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